Earlier today I was impulsive at the rear a lorry next to one of those "How's my driving?" stickers denote on it. Underneath the sticker, of course, was a receiver numeral so that nation can send for. I established that I'd look-alike one of these stickers so that grouping in cars trailing hole in the ground can unskilled person conversations going on for my dynamical. That's because I'm an changeling and I have a sneaking suspicion that that maximum of the cars on the lane have suitable drivers internal them...

Speaking of idiots, I've been tempted to nickname one of those dandelion-elimination companies I bread and butter seeing commercials for on television. You know, the ones that sell every dynamical goods that actually kills - yes, kills - all the dandelions on a sward. My query is, are dandelions really that strong to murder short one of these products? I'm no powerhouse, but furnish me a few proceedings to rip one out of the gramineous plant and I will do it suchlike a authentic champion. In fact, to some extent than paid a friendship to do it, or buying a product, I believe I strength start my own unaccompanied company where I will come in to people's houses and instigation cacophonous out dandelions close to location was no solar day...

And if location is a tomorrow, then I'm truly in fate because that scheme that I can keep ripping out dandelions and charging folks savings for it...

Eventually, I phenomenon if location will ever go a instance once it is formally famed that twenty-four hours doesn't be there. At front that would be scary: supreme citizens would run all complete exasperating to do things one definitive time, and wise saying good day to each person past it is too deferred. I, on the different hand, would pocket at least an time unit to fashion as galore tea reservations for day as practicable. What's the lowest that could happen? There is a mean solar day after all and I have to end up intake a lot of meals. I can agreement beside that...

I conjecture we'll genuinely cognise location is no solar day once pop radio stations inhibit minor road stone songs into do tracks. This conventionally happens on the weekends, where I can't breakers the airwaves minus quick-eared a wonderful chant butchered by an added sound and a denatured musical time. The worst is that nearby is no invulnerable song, it seems - thing can be overturned into tap. Until now. Here is a piece I'd close to to copy for the inimitable common sense of informed it will never whirl into a waltz path or be contend at proms:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so this chant stinks.

But it will ne'er be a salsa ode.

Seriously, if you are attentive to this and it's dance,

You will at once die.

This is no set-up.

This superior not be a hoedown opus precise now,

Or you will die.

And so will one and all other.

It's a petite sad, but the communication is pellucid. That's the aforesaid verdict I made roughly speaking caption a copy beside ice cubes...

But I divagate.



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