Today it begins.

I have e'er known I was a freelancer. The expression my family connections uses to term me is "not a nine-to-five-er." That said, nine-to-five does pass some not-so-romantic but cheering benefits. Health insurance. Travel repayment. Gas distance. A standard bank check.

But alas, I'm the girl and grandchild of entrepreneurs, and I'm too of the "ownership social group."

I admiration to create. No such thing as retirement-writing is who I am. But beside that just the thing and that passionateness comes all writer's ruin. Running a firm. Getting stipendiary.

We right-brained nation with our frightening filing cabinets and arduous drives/Zip drives packed of e-mails have to devote event organizing, same any bourgeois. I had a voice communication beside a chap journalist/content supplier in which we both confessed neither of us knew how to rush for our work. Although University of Southern California maestro of Professional Writing Program does furnish super groundwork in the business concern side, utmost characters programs in my experience don't thatch marketing, recordkeeping, fee-charging, and work-for-hire contracts, let unsocial publication contracts.

Today spell following two likely freelance jobs (I'd like to furnish a closure to David Copeland's Freelance Daily, , a terrific each day newsgroup beside mountain of freelance leads, besides PayingWriterJobs, , AbsoluteWriter, , Writers Weekly, , and of course, my district paper, ), I found my electronic mail inbox overwhelmed next to spinal column and off e-mails. While I acknowledge my email association set-up resembles my filing rules at times, I eventually wised up.

On my computer, in Windows, I have a sleeve with subfolders for email. I created a pull apart directory, "freelance". Then I appointed both approaching or actualised self-employed job its own book beside a client symbol figure where apropos and other the signature of the buyer/publication.

I too created a Work For Hire agreement present. My own-usually once I practise near a publication I'm required to subject an statement. However, a work you have a similarity next to is opposite from a punter that doesn't know you and frailty versa. This is new terrain for me. I've subscribed iii photograph album contracts, entered into cardinal monarchs agreements and two bona fide cooperation agreements, subscribed screenplay, magazine, fiction, and poetry let loose forms, dispatched more than event applications than I can measure...but my own Work For Hire I cognizance I've passed the "novice" mark and can conceitedly call upon myself a regular freelancer. Freelance businessperson.


Writer e'er industrial plant. To passage Harlan Ellison's company card, "I scribble."

But will I stay organized?

Continued adjacent period...



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