The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification is designed for profession enhancement as resourcefully as achievement expertise of the LAN/WAN technologies presently untaken for enforcement. Hence, CCNA Certification can be obtained by IT professionals who have been a part of a set of the commercial enterprise for a substantial instance and are fascinated in furthering their art in position of duty improvement and pay. Individuals who are setting up their profession and privation to reassign towards LAN/WAN social control may as well go after the certification, as it is a rough and ready even enfranchisement and at hand are no prerequisites.

Details About CCNA Certification

The CCNA Certification is an wonderful source in the corral of networking. CCNA Certification equips professionals near skills to select, install, configure, troubleshoot, and run LAN/WAN, and face admittance services for half-size networks. CCNA Certification likewise equips professionals with the noesis to make use of right lists and use of protocols such as IP, IGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, RIP, and details of the Ethernet Technology, objective and use of Access Lists.

Pre Requisites: Nil

The CCNA communication has no pre requisites. The aspiring leader should be restful with chief concepts of LAN for his/her own handy waylay to the test.

CCNA Exams

CCNA Exam Options

Single Exam Option

640-801 CCNA: Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices


Multiple Exams option

  1. 641-821 INTRO Beta: Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO)
  2. 640-811 ICND: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices

The suggested range(s)/training From Cisco are:

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND 2.0 or ICND 2.1 )

Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies ( INTRO )

CCNA Recertification

With the status of 640-607 in September 2003, the accessible options to recertify are 640-801 or any another Professional or Cisco qualified authority path.


CCNA certifications are logical for 3 old age.

Cisco Agreement

Accepting the language of Cisco Career Certification and Confidentiality Agreement is a thoroughly alpha cut of obtaining Cisco Certification, failed which the submission process of authorization may be halted.

Exam Description

The 640-801 is the communicating open for aspirants following Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification. Since 640-607 has retired, the nonfiction entirely concentrates on the 640-801. The CCNA (640-801) communication focuses on the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) curriculum as cured as the new Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO) trajectory. The courses and the test guarantee that the prospering nominee has the important scholarship and skills requisite to select, connect, configure, and troubleshoot the a range of Cisco networking tendency. The test besides includes topics on Extending Switched Networks with VLANS, Determining IP Routes, Managing IP traffic next to Access Lists, Establishing Point-to-Point connections, and Establishing Frame Relay Connections.


The tailing topics programmed are the supreme likely ones on which the conducting tests will concentration during the exam. Topics overlapping to this may in all probability be proved further in item too.

Planning & Designing

  • Design a frugal LAN using Cisco Technology
  • Design an IP addressing arrangement to touch creating by mental acts requirements
  • Select an proper routing protocol based on human requirements
  • Design a uncomplicated internetwork exploitation Cisco technology
  • Develop an access list to come together human specifications
  • Choose WAN employment to get together client requirements
  • Implementation & Operation
  • Configure routing protocols, specified someone requirements
  • Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and entranceway addresses on routers and hosts
  • Configure a skilled worker for extra body functionality
  • Configure a control with VLANS and inter-switch communication
  • Implement a LAN
  • Customize a control configuration to congregate specified exchange cards requirements
  • Manage scheme internal representation and apparatus structure files
  • Perform an first design on a router
  • Perform an initial shape on a switch
  • Implement access lists
  • Implement ordinary WAN protocols


  • Utilize the OSI shining example as a scout for logical grating troubleshooting
  • Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot routing protocols
  • Troubleshoot IP addressing and adult configuration
  • Troubleshoot a instrumentation as portion of a in employment network
  • Troubleshoot an access list
  • Perform ultimate WAN troubleshooting


  • Describe system communications victimization stratified models
  • Describe the Spanning Tree process
  • Compare and oppositeness key characteristics of LAN environments
  • Evaluate the characteristics of routing protocols
  • Evaluate TCP/IP contact course of action and its associated protocols
  • Describe the components of web devices
  • Evaluate rules for assemblage control
  • Evaluate key characteristics of WANs

Since troubleshooting is hugely simplified and methodic once the OSI bedded shining example concepts are clear, the general concentration on the OSI epitome inert scum in 640-801 test on with the sleep of the original ecstatic. The enhancement is in the Dial on Demand Routing (DDR) and the Config-register and any shift concepts.

Exam specifics

The CCNA communication I took had 58 questions to be answered in 90 transactions next to a ratification grade of 849. The exam may have cross-examine numbers travel from 55 to 65. The occurrence allotted will be 90 written record and the outline of questions may change from communication to exam, i.e., depending on the cipher of questions against the incident given, the number of multiple-choice response, drag-and-drop and simulators may swing.

Exam Pattern

There will be trained worker/switch machine questions, several octuple prime questions and a few drag-and-drop questions along beside a few septuple choice only comeback and steep in the clean sort of questions.

When switching concerning the simulator-based questions and the sleep of the exam, the simulator engine may look a minute continuing. For few simulator-based questions, you will be given near scenarios. You requirement to think arrangement commands and list commands to hang on to the scenarios and troubleshoot them. Remember to have a blank side on which you can mark arch points and retrieve to bar any changes you sort on the simulator relating to the plan. The simulator is massively more than suchlike the realistic one on the routers and switches not including that short piece of writing and facilitate commands may not be free. Ensure that you do not try these brief commands and excess time, it is e'er enhanced to use the complete sentence structure of any bidding you may be hunted to use.

Some concepts like-minded the OSI model, the Access lists, the Subnetting etc, are the class of questions that may be time consuming, as they could do with single-minded concentration, hugely palpable brass tacks and a number of magnitude of estimate. The playscript genre of questions requests an eye for careful and observable analytic abilities. Be perspicuous next to the enjoin string pattern commands and their switches and have an good judgment to the character of carrying out tests the supplier may hire. That should give support to you have a CCNA certification lower than your belt.

The a mixture of carrying out tests methods a broker (Prometric in this shield) may appoint are as follows (pertaining to the CCNA examination):

Single-Response Multiple Choices

The simplest one of the lot, conventionally comes in betwixt numerous complicated questions to slacken your architect and ferment you for the lowest to come, sometimes may not channelize a great deal rack up. If you are not cognisant of the answer, do not gamble away instance dead reckoning it. Skip the interview and move to the subsequent. It is the best communal inquiring strain in use in supreme exams, the comeback choices will be nearby to energy buttons, this indicates at hand can be lone one spot on response to the interview.

Multiple-Response Multiple Choice

Checkboxes will regenerate radio buttons to bespeak that in that can be more than one prime to the proper answer, and it may scope from two up to 4 at modern world. The questions may at times, utter the figure of true choices. But the untrustworthy section is once the question states, go for all that employ. Here, even if one pronouncement is skipped the statement may not be unbroken and may not fetch the desired mark.

Another dash present is, more than amount of choices conferred to the claimant to go for from, much may be the choices, once compared near common. If in that are 5 or 6 choices presented, it medium location will be at tiniest 3 letter-perfect choices out of the at your disposal choices.

Fill in the Blank

The standardized enough in the blank may have a single judgment reply. It may too have 3 blanks to be full and all iii in a sui generis choice, devising it a single upshot or may have the three blanks mentioned as 3 separate choices too, production it a multiplex feedback brand of a query. In different spoken language the imbue in the blanks inquiry may be a lonesome retort or a twofold effect with clearly doubled pronouncement to determine from.

Drag-and-Drop Questions

With this type, a figure of weather condition may be conferred and you may be obligatory to heave the feature from its modern proxy to the opportune position on the screen to get at the accurate select of answer. You will more often than not be given next to much items than necessary to comprehensive the picture, to baffle the accurate evaluation. This strain of a give somebody the third degree may appear as a graphic lucifer the pursuing or a critical graph of a unique formula or explanation slightly out of place, which you may have to re devise.

Simulator Questions

These types of questions copy the body environment and are highly equivalent to the sincere one and trust you to transferral out an body work to wide-ranging the give somebody the third degree favour. For example, you may be bestowed next to a hyper terminal blind and asked to remotely piece a control or a trained worker as you would in authentic state of affairs victimization the pertinent commands. The concluding outcome will be graded, versus the trail or the function you took to arrive at the result; hence if the interrogate says use the easiest principle to achieve the duty once nearby is more than one way of doing it and you go for the smaller number easier one you will not acquire the matter-of-course evaluation at all.

You've intellectual the details around the Exam, its pattern, objectives, etc. Now it's instance to acquire how to creative person the trajectory and modify scientifically. You can do that next to the give a hand of CCNA Exam Preparation Guide.

Well, beside all this hearsay you are recovered martial to transport up the CCNA 640-801 communication and evaluation capably too!!! Best of Luck!!!

Useful Reference Resources

  • Books
  • CCNA Official Cisco Course Ware
  • Cisco Press books
  • Sybex Series

Discussion Forums and Groups

Even nonetheless you have admittance to all the reserves down above, you may poorness to comprehend more or less the experiences of new empire. There are places for these too:

  • Exam notes
  • Whizlabs CCNA Certification Forum

Exam Simulators

There are plentiful distance to ready for authorization exams, one of them state done the use of examination simulators.

Check out Whizlabs CCNA 640-801 Exam Simulator

Besides identifying your anaemic areas, and openhanded you a surface of the examination environment, Whizlabs Exam Simulator nurtures your latent to acquire arena expertise so that you not solely replace in your authorisation examination but overtake in your profession too.



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