Have you of all time awakened from a vision so addicted that you without hesitation had to compose downward a new hypothesis for a play, pull towards you a picture, or create a poem? If so, you're not unsocial. While dreams can be functional for determination difficulties and sort priorities, they too have addicted numerous artists working in the literary, visual, and playing bailiwick.

The introductory step, of course, is memory and video recording your dreams. Keep a details pad, squiggle pad, or cartridge recorder (whichever finest suits your manner of creator expression) on your nightstand to record the peak exciting or fruitful dreams as presently as you sleepless. If you surge during the night, narrative any dreams or prophecy fragments at that time, too.

The most of the essence article to call to mind once mistreatment your dreams as sources of arty prompt is to scribble set all the particulars previously you forget them. Save the increase of the impression for once you're to the full astir. When copy records about your dreams, be sure to consist of the following: date; advisory title; inexplicit theme; characters present (known and uncharted); setting; story; and emotions textile.

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After your dreams are recorded, you can adjust them for your art in a range of way. Obviously not every reverie is jammed satisfied of creator genius, but once the bloody apparition of thoughtful sensitivity and low leak does insight its way into your nighttime mindscreen, you'll be all set for it.

To use your recorded dreams to their world-class advantage, you call for to facial expression underneath the exterior for combinations of philosophy and prophecy symbols. The imaginativeness mind has a way of finding technical hitches by union ideas in unthought way. Without the counterintelligence setup obligatory during the day, your be bothered is released to reconnoitre new acquaintances. Look for these interesting combinations of accepted wisdom to brainstorm the integrative relation. Can that contact be modified for your art?

Next scrutinize the symbols latter-day in your imagery. Beyond the real goal of speech communication and images, you may brainwave funny, clever, naughty, touching, or terrifying symbols that can be used artistically. Don't be panicky to research these symbols or use on the loose association to relation the symbols to your art.

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If you're at times able to use dreams to shake up literary (poetry, literary genre), optical (paintings, sculpture, photography, etc.), and playing humanities (film, theater, music, dance, etc.), consequently you'll be in groovy people. Some of the best well-known complex of art were devoted by very dreams or by the method of vision. Here are a few of my favorites that you as well might poverty to study in your movement of visual excellence:

Poetry and Prose

o "Kubla Khan," literary work by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

o "Frankenstein," fiction Mary Shelley

o "Book of Dreams," nonfiction by Jack Kerouac


o "The Dream," 1910 by Henri Rousseau, French

o "Der Traum" (The Dream), 1921 by Max Beckmann, German

o "Persistance de la Memoire" (The Persistence of Memory), 1931 by Salvador Dali, Spanish

o "El Sueno" (The Dream), 1940 by Frida Kahlo, Mexican

o "Dreamer on the Ark," 1998 by Sakti Burman, Indian


o "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, Victor Fleming); Family classic, American

o "Spellbound" (1945, Alfred Hitchcock): Thriller, American

o "Wild Strawberries" (1957, Ingmar Bergman): Psychological drama, Swedish

o "Belle De Jour" (1967, Luis Bunuel): Erotic drama, French

o "Akira Kurosawa's Dreams" (1990, Akira Kurosawa): Collection of fugitive films, Japanese

So set off soundtrack your dreams and adapting them to your nontextual matter. Do it present patch it's unmoving good in your noesis. It's never too postponed to let your nighttime dreams assist your life-long dreams locomote faithful.

Copyright 2006 Leslie Halpern



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