Physicists are try to limit the 4 forces of physics, a "Theory of Everything". Without deadly you to tears, they deprivation a isolated mathematical statement to tell gravity, electromagnetism, and a duo of substance forces you can countenance up yourself: Strong & Weak. One noted man of science explained that it would be an equation you could fit on a t-shirt.

Self-branding is in the region of the self thing, in need the writing board and lab overgarment. One strives to sum up everything in a pithy, ably scrivened reprimand. Or two. Even better, a pithy, healthy designated expression. Or 3. The ploy is to follow what the strongest brands have that you may not - yet. And, no, it ain't a motto. It's congruency.

Coming up with that maxim implementation you are committing to it. Choose with wisdom - the less congruous you are beside it (and it beside you), the weaker your brand name will be. Contrariwise, selecting the pluperfect description in mortgage (cart-before-the-horse methodological analysis) agency you will develop towards each else in an organic, shrewd way. There's no guaranteeing you won't develop each another. Hope that it's you that's doing the outgrowing!

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Already tried and rejected by me, as Vince Runza Online:

  • It's the customer, idiotic.
  • I'm not for everyone, but that can be good!
  • Always Busy (saw this one well-defined into the front of a site in Downtown Scranton).
  • Good Products, Good Service.
  • Bootstrap entrepreneurship.
  • It's not employment if you fondness doing it. It's even amended if you get remunerated for it!
Chosen and pledged to:


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