In 1991, a main medical training sickbay made the political unit word after the false leg was amputated twice over in one time period. Despite "an excess of care" two roofless society entered the clinic expecting to suffer one leg and amble out next to a corrective and finished up losing some toughness and leaving in a wheelchair.

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published a landmark word on patient of refuge titled: To Err is Human and the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) began championing the rationale of forbearing safekeeping and the limit of inaccurate locality medical science. Over the departed 16 years, hospitals, doctors, nurses and many, oodles others have developed and enforced procedures designed to root word the on the rise recurrent event of tragical errors.

In 2007 at a conference on merciful safety, the CEO of JCAHO unveiled that disdain enormous effort, disbursement and study, the numeral of flawed encampment surgeries has up intense and exponentially since 1991. Every try to revise this appalling actuality has failed!

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How can this be?

The statute title of the 1999 written document summed it up: To Err is Human.

Think about modern medical science. You, the patient, are emotional to an operating breathing space. Your designation belt confirms that you are the diligent planned for surgery.

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This is the primary realistic spear of error, misguided describe on the surgery programme.

Once the operational legroom associates ensures you are you, the encampment of surgery is unchangeable in the diagram and streaked. You may even be asked to confirm that they are symbol the correct scar.

This is the side by side conceivable spine of error, inaccurate setting recorded in the illustration or told to you.

Once your surgery location is marked, you get medicament (if you didn't closer). Your surgery parcel is water-washed and "prepped" further entrenching this as the "correct squad." Then your full body is snowy by surgical drapes and new items that soften you to an unrecognizable aggregation of textile near a slim skylight of skin texture.

This is an opportunity to fortify anterior blemish by eliminating the fitness of the surgeon to recheck each of the preceding stairway well.

The medico arrives and prepares to originate cutting. The dr. confirms that you were identified and the letter-perfect surgical setting was discoloured. The handicap is complete and the medical science squad removes the surgical drapes and discovers your unhealthy leg was NOT amputated!

So is in that a solution?

Perhaps, interpret if you could mark the medical procedure holiday camp days or even weeks beforehand medical science in need hazard of ever-changing the mark. Imagine a pre-operative symbol complex that provided a incomparable symbol for the surgical base camp that is not stricken by the practice of washing, prepping and draping. Imagine a tolerant and medical procedure symbol that can be restrained repeatedly from the component of declaration of guilt through the pre-operative procedure, during the business activity and even after the true member were amputated.


Technology has the solution. Implantable RFID chips are currently in use as unparalleled learned profession account identifiers for patients and day of reckoning responders world citywide. Contrary to favorite myth, in attendance is no GPS pursuit group or other privacy content created by these tame physics book of numbers.

RFID chips are biologically nonmoving and constituted through a slender needle as efficiently as openhanded an antibacterial shot. These are the perfect characteristics for a false setting surgery treatment.

Think something like RFID aided surgery. You, the patient, see your medico weeks earlier the medical science. Your timed gp has gritty that you postulate surgery. An RFID chip is planted in the fat of the pathological leg and you are conveyed to see the doc.

You see the md various days later, but your learned profession store have not yet arrived. Instead of rescheduling your appointment, the md scans your leg next to an RFID receiver and gets your medical diary numeral. You give approval to instantaneous emanation of the medical archives and your dr. schedules medical science.

You are admitted to the healthcare facility and the first quality error occurs as your able-bodied leg is entered into the learned profession history as requiring surgery.

The day of your surgery, the 2nd human slip-up occurs as your friend is touched to the operational breathing space. Instead of amputating the faulty leg from the faulty person, your friend is scanned for an RFID fragment and the inimitable symbol reveals that you and your friend prescriptive the identical band.

You are touched to the operational liberty. Your passport belt confirms that you are the unhurried regular for medical science. Once the operative breathing space followers ensures you are you, the encampment of medical science is confirmed in the diagram and distinct. You may even be asked to confirm that they are marker the straight zit. The atlas indicates your sanguine leg is the surgery land site. You have at one time standard medicine and concur as a ending of the physiological condition.

Once your well leg is marked, your rosy-cheeked leg is clean and "prepped" more entrenching this as the "correct haunch." Then your whole body is bathed by surgical drapes and new items that fall you to an unrecognizable gob of artifact with a smallish fanlight of skin texture.

The physician arrives and prepares to solon piece when the dying RFID chip scan is performed. No RFID bit can be saved in the leg about to be amputated. The surgery squad now removes all the surgical drapes and scans your diseased leg. The RFID flake is found and the exact leg is washed, prepped, cloaked and amputated.

Tragedy averted!

To Err is Human - RFID may be Divine



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